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Everything About Dental Sedation

Everything About Dental Sedation

Posted by One Health Dental on Jul 27 2022, 01:34 AM

Everything About Dental Sedation

Are you someone with extreme dental anxiety? Do you fear dental visits and try avoiding them? If you keep on postponing your dental appointments, it can pose a huge threat to your oral health. Not visiting your dentist for regular exams and teeth cleanings can make you susceptible to several dental issues. However, thanks to sedation dentistry, even those with extreme dental phobia can now undergo dental procedures comfortably. Here is what you may need to know about sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry And Its Types

Dental sedation is the use of medication to help patients relax during dental treatments. There are several types of sedation available.

  • Oral sedation:Oral sedation involves taking an oral medication about an hour before your appointment. These medications will relax you and make you sleepy, but you’ll still be awake enough to respond to the dentist’s questions. Oral sedation can be ideal for patients who need a large amount of dental work done in one appointment.
  • Nitrous oxide:Nitrous oxide is a type of sedation that is administered through inhalation. This form of sedation takes effect quickly and wears off quickly as well. Nitrous oxide is ideal for patients experiencing moderate to severe anxiety.
  • Intravenous sedation:Intravenous or IV sedation involves administering a sedative through injections into the bloodstream. IV sedation is designed to quickly produce effects that can last for several hours. Patients usually are not even aware of their procedure. IV sedation is also referred to by its names, such as laughing gas, twilight sedation, or comfort sedation.

Who Can Benefit From Dental Sedation?

  • Patients with anxiety

Sedation dentistry is a good option for patients with dental anxiety or phobia.

  • Patients with sensitive teeth

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

  • Patients with a low pain threshold

Dental sedation can help patients with a low pain threshold undergo procedures with ease. It can also be helpful for patients who may have trouble following directions or remaining still in the dentist’s chair. Dental sedation can help patients with a low pain threshold feel at ease in the dentist’s chair.

  • Patients with a strong gag reflex

Patients who gag easily often avoid getting the dental care they need. Thankfully, dental sedation by your Dentist in Dallas can help. When the gag reflex is too strong, sedation will relax the muscles and allow them to sit still for the procedure.

  • Patients undergoing lengthy or complicated procedures

Patients who are experiencing anxiety or fear over a lengthy or complicated dental procedure may benefit from dental sedation. This is often the case for patients who haven’t visited the dentist in a long time and may be faced with a more invasive procedure than they had originally anticipated.

  • Patients with a strong fear of the dentist

Patients who experience high levels of anxiety in the dentist’s chair might be a good candidates for dental sedation. Sedation can help patients feel more relaxed, which can help them receive more thorough treatment by your Dallas Dentist.

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