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Harmful Oral Health Habits To Watch Out For

Harmful Oral Health Habits To Watch Out For

Posted by One Health Dental on Nov 19 2022, 01:54 AM

Harmful Oral Health Habits To Watch Out For

Good oral health is essential to your overall well-being. Just like the rest of your body, your mouth needs nutrients to stay healthy. However, certain bad habits can harm your teeth. Here are some of them.

  • Smoking

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death among Americans. Besides causing cancer in the mouth and lungs, cigarettes also damage gums and teeth. People who smoke have an increased risk of tooth decay because tobacco reduces blood flow to the gum tissue and decreases the body’s ability to fight bacteria. As a result, smokers are more likely to experience gum disease and lose their teeth early. Cigarettes also stain teeth and cause bad breath. If you have the habit of smoking, quit them at the earliest, for good.

  • Teeth grinding

Bruxism is a common habit that damages your teeth and affects your quality of life. Grinding your teeth can lead to chipped or broken teeth, tooth sensitivity issues, jaw pain or discomfort, and other issues. If you grind your teeth, talk to your dentist about possible solutions. Many patients benefit from a custom mouthguard or night guard. A custom appliance fits comfortably over your teeth and prevents the effect of clenching or grinding. Your dentist can also show you some relaxation techniques that can help you stop grinding your teeth in your sleep.

  • Chewing on ice

Chewing on ice can lead to tooth fractures and chipped enamel. Your teeth are strong, but they’re not made to withstand too much pressure. If you chew on hard objects, like ice or hard candy, it can wear down the outer layer of your teeth, called enamel. Enamel is the first line of defense against tooth decay. Once it’s gone, you risk developing cavities and infections. Besides hitting your enamel, ice can chip fillings or crowns. It’s best to avoid these types of chewy treats altogether. If you do crack a tooth, see your dentist as soon as possible to patch it up and prevent further damage.

  • Nail biting

Nail biting is a pretty common habit, but it can cause tooth sensitivity, enamel damage, and even tooth loss. If you’re having trouble breaking this habit on your own, talk to us about possible solutions. We can work with you to break bad habits for good!

  • Using teeth as tools

Some people use their teeth as tools - to open packages, tear something, etc. Engaging in any activity that puts your teeth at risk of damage can result in cavities, broken teeth, or the need for restorative dentistry treatment like dental crowns or even a root canal.

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