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Why Do You Need to Drink More Water to Protect Your Teeth?

Why Do You Need to Drink More Water to Protect Your Teeth?

Posted by One Health Dental on Feb 15 2022, 05:24 AM

Why Do You Need to Drink More Water to Protect Your Teeth?

We have always heard celebrities, doctors, or other health professionals advise people to drink water and that it's good for the skin and body. Our bodies constitute 60% water, and it is essential to stay hydrated. This helps distribute healthy nutrients to the body, get wastes out, add glow to your skin, and keep muscles moving. Your dentist might have often suggested you drink water time by time. Read on to know why.

  • Strengthening Your Teeth

Drinking fluoridated water can be really beneficial for your teeth to help prevent cavities. A number of studies have proven that drinking water containing fluoride is a healthier option for your teeth. In 2011, one of the Canadian cities stopped fluoridating water. The researchers then compared the dental health of the children from both water fluoridated and non-fluoridated cities. 

In February 2016 journal Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology found that kids in the non-fluoridated city reported more tooth decay than kids in the fluoridated one.

  • Enjoy Clean Mouth

Drinking soft drinks or other beverages may wash down your dinner leaving your teeth dipped in sugar. The cavity-causing bacteria get alerted to eat sugar and produce acid that can damage your tooth enamel. Some drinks have added acids like phosphoric, citrus, or malic acid to make it less sweet, but this ends up causing more harm than good.

However, water is the best of all. It cleans your mouth, washes away leftover food that cavity-causing bacteria look for. It is still important to brush your teeth twice a day, but drinking water can be of great help in making your smile cavity-free.

  • No More Dry Mouth

Saliva is a natural defense against tooth decay. It helps to easily swallow the food, wash away debris in the mouth, and keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Lack of saliva may make your mouth dry, which may end up causing tooth decay. But drinking water may cut your risk of having a dry mouth and keep your mouth healthy. 

  • No Calories

Sweetened drinks have lots of sugar and calories in them. On the other hand, drinking water may help you lose weight and have no calories at all. So when you are thirsty, choose water, a guilty-free healthy option.

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