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Wisdom Teeth in Dallas, TX

Wisdom Teeth in Dallas, TX

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that are at the back of the mouth. It develops between the age of 17 and 21 at the top and bottom of the mouth. Poor alignment of the wisdom tooth can be a major dental problem. Most people require extraction of the wisdom tooth due to complications. At One Health Dental, efficient dentists provide tooth extraction services for patients. 

Dental problems associated with Wisdom Tooth

  • Patients experience extreme jaw pain during the eruption of wisdom teeth.
  • A wisdom tooth may cause crowding in the mouth. 
  • It may grow sideways and cause problems in the mouth.
  • The patient may have crooked teeth due to wisdom teeth.
  • Cysts may appear beneath the wisdom tooth, which may lead to tumors.
  • A wisdom tooth can get decayed and become untreatable. 

Symptoms that you may have on Impacted Wisdom Tooth

  • The patient experiences extreme pain and swelling around the jaw.
  • Pain while opening and closing the mouth. 
  • Gum is swollen, red, and often bleeds.
  • The patient may have foul breath.
  • An unpleasant taste may linger in the mouth.
  • Difficulty in flossing the teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The damage caused by wisdom teeth is mostly irreparable. Dentists advise the patients to get the tooth extracted to attain relief from extreme pain. It is a simple procedure where the dentists begin the process by providing sedation to the patient. It helps to numb the pain and reduce the discomfort caused due to the extraction process. 

The wisdom tooth that has not emerged outside the gums will require an incision and removal of the bone above the tooth. The dentists use tools to remove the tooth as a whole or as parts from the gums. 

Recovery after Extraction

Mild discomfort after the extraction is normal. The dentists prescribe painkillers that can help reduce the pain. There can be swelling in the area that can be reduced by placing icepacks on the face. The dentists advise intake of specific food that can help better healing of the gums. In case of any complications, the patient should visit the dentistry for further care.

One Health Dental, Dentist in Dallas TX, is an equipped dentistry that provides the best dental services for patients. Call (214) 275-4808 and book a consultation with the dentistry to know more about wisdom teeth and get a complete dental checkup for you and your family.


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